Larimer Square: Beyond the Classroom

During the fall semester of my final year at the Pennsylvania State University, I took one of the most influential studios of my entire education. Under the direction of Professor Ken Tamminga, this studio tasked a group of classmates and …

Landscape Architecture, Planning
Philly Food SHARE

This project explores the opportunity to create "food hub" in Philadelphia, expanding the current operations of the SHARE Food Program. Utilizing a series of case studies and a refined understanding of the Philadelphia food system, Philly Food SHARE: A Regional …

Graphic Design, Planning
SHARE Food Program Website

SHARE Food Program is a non-profit in Philadelphia, PA that works hard to serve the needs of low-income and struggling families. Through a variety of programs their work helps to combat hunger across the region. This donated design service provided …

Web Design
Fish N Tales Website

An update on a rundown website, this site is built in html/css based on a one page design. It incorporated new branding and identity as the firm transitions from retail operations to a strictly service business. The new logo …

Graphic Design, Web Design
[In]filtrate: Downtown Houston’s New Responsive Waterfront

Competition entry for the ULI/Hines Urban Design Competition in 2012. This project was created by the University of Pennsylvania team of myself, Anne Leslie (MCP), David Dobkin (MCP), Eric De Feo (MArch), and Eduardo Santamaria (MLA/MArch). This project re-imagines …

Landscape Architecture, Planning